Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ignore me, I'm just a stupid old conspiracy theorist

Light From Fred - 11 min - Accompanied by Dire Straits - The video "they" have taken down everywhere

What the house of reps "secret meeting" was about pt3

What the house of reps "secret meeting" was about pt4

Debate about Secret Session in House of Representatives pt1

Debate about Secret Session in House of Representatives pt2

Blueprint for Martial Law - 4 min

Confession of a CIA Agent about FEMA - Important !!!!!! - 5 min

Ron Paul - March 12, 2008 on C-SPAN - *OUR EMPIRE IS COMING DOWN!*

U.S./ Foreign Troops Gearing Up for Martial Law In America

What will happen?

Someone emailed me and asked me what to expect over the coming couple of months. Here was my initial response and follow-on.

Prices will skyrocket, partially because the market will be flooded with the new worthless money and partially because of the fear an uncertain future engenders, gasoline will be rationed, checkpoints will be everywhere, you'll be asked where you are going and why, and you'll be manhandled if you even hesitate with your answers.

Shelves in stores will be stripped bare overnight. People will be siphoning gasoline from your cars, breaking into them and taking everything of value. Stores will raise prices on their own to try and accumulate as much cash as possible for themselves before the final collapse comes.

Drug addicts will break into pharmacies when their supply sources dry up or their source of money dries up, and that will lead to muggings, home burglaries, killings, etc. People who cannot get their legitimate prescription medications will suffer and some will die (heart medications, etc.).

Women will be raped left and right. Crime will be so rampant the law enforcement agencies won't be able to make a dent in it. Some officers will throw their hands up while others will shoot first and ask questions later. Others won't show up for work but will stay home to protect their own families.

Military forces, both ours and foreign forces, will be used to confiscate registered firearms and some will be shot by citizens who resist, opening the door for "shoot on sight" orders being given to them, and that's when martial law will be declared, if not before.

And that's just the surface things to expect. Martial law will be the first major government move and gradually everything will be controlled by and rationed by the government. Once martial law has re-established order, there'll be massive installing of in-body micro-chip insertions, "for our protection," and master computers will track everything we do. People will welcome the chips believing they will be safer. It's amazing what people will accept in exchange for promised safety.

1984 is in sight.

Neighborhoods will have to organize and provide their own protection from roaming gangs and government agencies determined to disarm and control the people. 24/7 patrols by armed community members will be essential. Self defense and survival will be the order of the day. If you can defend your own family, then that's the best approach. If you can't stay awake around the clock and don't have relatives to trade off with, then it'll be necessary to team up with one or two other families and provide for common defense. Try to select a family or families who are prepared and have plenty of food and firearms and ammunition on hand. If you have to partner up with a family you must arm and feed, then you diminish your own ability to survive.


How will things differ from 1929?

Lots of differences between now and 1929. People didn't owe much back then. Credit wasn't as prevalent, most people waited till they saved up and could buy what they wanted with cash. There were hardly any drug addicts. People were simpler and had been taught from birth the importance of working for what they wanted. They were taught to have a conscience and right versus wrong was an ingrained standard with nearly everyone. So the crime back then was manageable, but it won't be this time. Lots of people today have been taught that right and wrong don't matter, what they WANT does matter. Too many nowadays feel "entitled" to certain things and if they don't get them legally, they'll take them by force.

Plus there were about 80 million people back then, most living in rural areas. Now there are 300-plus million and they are mostly concentrated in metropolitan areas and smaller cities. People back then owned property and could raise their own crops, so starving wasn't nearly the threat it is now. People today don't know how to change a tire, let alone till the ground and plant and cultivate seeds.

Back then it was possible to hunt rabbits and squirrels and wild geese and deer for food. Now, with the numbers of people, after a week there will be no rabbits, deer, etc., they will have all been killed for food. The endangered species crowd will go ape-shit. They'd rather see people die than rabbits. They'll change their tune when they get hungry enough.

Many people who have prepared will survive, but many will starve. That's the way governments have thinned out populations throughout history. Stalin starved 20 million. Don't think this hasn't been well planned for years by the elite who seek to rule us all with their iron fist. People who have plenty of basic staples such as flour, rice, pasta, olive or other cooking oil, etc., won't go hungry but millions who haven't paid attention will starve. But before they starve, many will kill in their attempts to survive. Anyone who isn't ready to deal with that won't make it.


P.S. I'll do another installment in a couple of days when I get a few last minute details handled for my own family.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Iron fist control of the Internet

Anyone who thinks 'they' aren't controlling the Internet, see how many places this 10-minute video was posted and they're ALL gone now, in just a matter of hours. Who has the power and influence to have all these sites kill the video that showed the American people what REALLY caused the crisis? They are determined to keep the people from finding out the truth. We see on the Internet only those things they allow us to see.

Burning down the house - What caused our economic crisis? - Google Search

Here's the video "they" don't want you to watch:

This'll knock your socks off...leaked by a member of Congress

On March 13, 2008, the United States House of Representatives went into executive (secret) session behind closed doors. It was the sixth time executive session has been used in the history of the House, but the FIRST time such a session was used to discuss proposed secret legislation. The main subject was 'Preparation for the declaration of martial law,' and the nine specific topics under discussion were as follows:

1. The imminent collapse of the U.S. Economy to occur sometime in late 2008.
2. The imminent collapse of the U.S. Government finances sometime in mid-2009.
3. The possibility of civil war inside the U.S. as a result of the financial collapse.
4. The advance roundup of 'insurgent' U.S. citizens 'likely' to move against the government.
5. The detention of those rounded up at REX 84 camps already constructed throughout the U.S.
6. The possibility of public retaliation against members of Congress for the collapse
7. The location of safe facilities for members of Congress and their families to reside during massive civil unrest.
8. The necessary and unavoidable merger of the U.S., Mexico and Canada, establishing the North American Union, and
9. The issuance of a new currency, called the AMERO, for all three nations as an economic solution

I previously sent a link showing a member of the house reading the title and purpose of a bill in which he said "classified" about 50 times. Listeners couldn't make heads nor tails of anything he read. At the moment I cannot find that video clip/link. I suppose most Americans won't believe shit until there is a monumental pile in their front yards.

Secret Meeting - Martial Law - US Government

Anyone who thinks "they" aren't controlling the Internet, see how many places this 10-minute video was posted and they're ALL gone now, in just a matter of hours. Who has the power and influence to have all these sites kill the video that showed the American people what REALLY caused the crisis? "They" are determined to keep the people from finding out the truth. We see on the Internet only those things "they" allow us to see.

Burning down the house - What caused our economic crisis? - Google Search

US Detainment-Consentration Camps

Getting Closer To The Basement

"How many steps must we take down the basement stairs before we realize we are going to end up in the basement?" - Fred Marshall Jr.

All yesterday I heard about a "bipartisan effort" in Congress though it was, in effect, a single party operation, with only a handful of traitors permitted from the opposition party. All day today I've heard about those nasty Republicans and Democrats (finger pointing).

2-minute C-SPAN video - Martial Law Declared In US Congress

There are free market solutions ladies and gentlemen, that will let the market sort things out by punishing the irresponsible and not punishing the producers and risk-takers. The worst solutions are government takeover and socialization of the marketplace the administration is proposing and the Congressional majority is pushing.

If this bailout occurs, to any degree, then we may as well live in U.S.S.R., because we shall surely live in United Socialist States of America.

Keep in mind - - and I know memories are short - - what happened with the S & L bailout....they initially said it would cost $10 billion, then a couple of weeks later they said it might reach $25 billion, and the final tally was closer to $500 billion. Can you imagine how that dynamic would work with an initial estimate of $700 billion? What is 50 times $700 billion? $35 TRILLION? Pretty soon we're going to be talking about some real money here. Hell, with $700 billion, they could give $425,000 to every citizen in the United States age 18 and older. Reckon some of them might then pay off their mortgages and solve the problem? No, that won't work because people working in everyday jobs in the service sector would quit their jobs on the spot, and the economy would surely collapse.

What these people are proposing is not taking money from the taxpayer and giving it to the banking industry, no, they propose to create $700 billion out of thin air and give it to the bankers to pump into the economy. Then very soon a loaf of bread will cost $5 and a gallon of gasoline will cost $9. That wouldn't be so bad for someone earning $2,000 a week, but let me see a show of hands of all who are earning that much. That's what I thought, not many.

All that worthless currency will flood the market, prices in dollars will rise to the point where people can't carry enough cash on their persons to get through a normal day, and that makes progress towards the cashless society they seek, in which all transactions must be executed electronically and the bankers and the government know how and where every dime is spent (dimes will soon replace the pennies). I saw it in the late 1950s in France, when a briefcase full of paper French francs was worth about 50 U.S. dollars. It took ten minutes to count out enough money to buy a pack of chewing gum.

In the end, a huge chunk of mortgaged real estate will wind up in the hands of the banks and they will have gotten this huge windfall of free money AND they will have a lot of our foreclosed property as well. In the end, the money WILL come from the PEOPLE, and it will all go to the BANKSTERS along with the millions of acres of real estate they will then own.

I still maintain that 88% of Americans are functionally stupid. They don't know squat and most of them don't want to know. I listened today on C-SPAN to Obama speaking in Colorado and was amazed at how so many people could so stupidly cheer such unmitigated bullshit spewing out of his mouth. I hear similar crap coming out of McCain's mouth. With four candidates on the two tickets, not a single one has a prayer at being a competent president yet, for the first time in memory, both VP candidates are more competent than the heads of their tickets.

Meanwhile, the federal government grows, Homeland Security grows, FEMA grows, all dangerously. This country hasn't a prayer in avoiding being transformed to a Socialist society. Like Germans in the 1930s, only a very few saw it coming.

Politicians put us in this position, Democrats and Republicans alike. In the 90s the Congress and the Executive Branch forced lenders to make loans to borrowers who were not creditworthy but who were identified by the Presidential administration as "needing" homes (what was "needed" was Democratic votes for his re-election). Janet Reno threatened heavy federal fines for lending institutions which rejected loan applications from such people....minorities, underprivileged, etc.

The bad loans that were made continued well into this current administration, with its continued encouragement. The solution is to let the institutions which made the bad loans fail, and allow the borrowers who bought homes they could not afford to go into foreclosure. The market will sort all that out on its own.

One member of Congress described the proposed bailout bill as a "mud sandwich." He was 100% correct in that regard.

A national emergency can be anything a president "deems" it is. What is "deems?" Is that sort of like "divining," or "playing a hunch?"

What most don't know, or chose to ignore - 5 min

Parallels between 1933 and 2008 are rapidly accelerating..

1) Publication of "Mein Kampf" and publication of "Project For a New American Century"
2) Reign of the 3rd Reich and reign of the 43rd U.S. Presidential Administration
3) Hitler's burning of his own parliament, and the U.S. Government's 9-11 attack on its own people
4) Austria (Anschluss)-Czechoslovakia (Munich Agreement)-Poland/Afghanistan-Iraq-Iran
5) Passage of Hitler's Enabling Act and passage of the nearly identical U.S.S.A. Patriot Act
6) Operations of Hitler's Gestapo and operations of U.S.S.A.'s Blackwater
7) Bankruptcy of Germany's Weimar Republic and U.S.S.A.'s taxpayer bailout of Federal Reserve interests

Lace your fingers behind your neck, place your head between your knees, and prepare for a crash landing.