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911 Mysteries Discussed Without Political Bias - Part 5 (Postscript and Encore)

By Fred Marshall Jr.
April 26, 2009

As mentioned earlier, I initially made the mistake against which I recurrently caution people - - to never assume anything or take anything for granted or take anyone’s word as gospel without seeing evidence. I stupidly assumed there WERE airplanes because, like everyone else, I genuinely [thought I] SAW airplanes. Throughout the four years of my research project, that flawed assumption tainted my thought processes in every aspect of the 9-11 arena. Even when I heard and read discussions by others who espoused the no-plane reality, I dismissed the notion out of hand as nothing more than an absurd, unfounded theory. Big mistake. Frame-by-frame analyses of a variety of videotape are abundant all over the Internet, and show the fakery with indelible clarity, though many that existed two years ago are now gone.

9/11 Fake: Nose In, Nose Out! - 5 min

No-Planes Sickness

Note that fake birds fly faster than the 500 mph aircraft flies. Of course the aircraft is “flying” a remarkably slow 500 mph.

9/11 Fake: Fox Reloaded pt.1/2

9/11 Fake: Fox Reloaded pt.2/2

In initially dismissing the fakery as a bogus issue, I hindered my own understanding of several aspects of that day. First, the planes’ behavior when allegedly hitting the Twin Towers and the Pentagon defied not only the laws of physics, they defied common sense. In the real world, mere birds smash large holes in airplanes, yet these airplanes sliced through solid reinforced concrete and a massive netting of steel, which formed the outer facades of the buildings, like a knife through warm butter. Undamaged, undaunted, and un-slowed by virtually immovable resistance, they continued onward into the buildings and sliced through the even more massive box-steel girders which formed the indestructible cores of the towers. None of this is possible, not even remotely possible. Yet we were told it happened and we are reluctant to believe our government and the “independent” press deliberately lied to us.

Airplanes are much like flying beer cans - - thin, hollow and lightweight - - and would have flattened themselves against those outer walls, would have crumbled like a stepped-on saltine cracker and would have fallen in tiny pieces to the streets below. Only the two jet engines, each consisting of 12,000 pounds of iron, steel and titanium, measuring nine feet in diameter and 23 feet in length, would have stood any chance at all of penetrating those walls which, incidentally, were designed to move and absorb energy (from high winds and even jet aircraft impact). At the Pentagon, the [imaginary] engines did not even break windows at the locations the engines would have impacted had a Boeing 757 hit the building. Let’s see what the government had previously PROVEN - - in this 54-second video - - would happen when a jet aircraft hits a concrete wall at 500 mph.

F4 Phantom Jet Hits Concrete Wall at 500 MPH - 54 seconds

Is this what you [think you] saw on 9-11? Granted, the concrete wall in the video above is much thicker than the walls of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were, but it didn’t contain the heavy steel netting the Twin Towers walls contained, nor the rebar reinforcement the Pentagon walls contain. What’s important to understand in the video above is not the strength or performance of the concrete wall, but the behavior of the lightweight aircraft frame covered with thin aluminum. While airplanes simply cannot slice through buildings made of steel and concrete, computerized images can easily do it. The latter is what we saw on 9-11.

This picture shows why they had no choice but to fake the planes.
Must read the first four paragraphs of this.

Building the World Trade Center Towers - What they were made of - 18 min

Strength & body integrity of commercial aircraft - strong enough to penetrate steel buildings? - You decide. - 10 sec

Then there is the problem of reflection. On the bright, sunshiny day that was September 11, 2001, sunlight reflected off of everything we saw in all the “original” videos - - buildings, the Hudson River, water craft, everything - - EXCEPT the dark silhouettes of the airplane images that were ADDED to the footage we were shown. Aluminum-covered airplanes reflect sunlight almost like mirrors.

In fact, in one piece of footage that was aired by NBC that morning, the camera shows the Twin Towers with the Hudson River in the background off to the right. The tower on the right has smoke billowing from it when, suddenly and without warning, there appears to be a huge explosion in the other tower. Here is what a close examination of this footage reveals: It’s a bit odd that both towers appear in the left half of the video frame. Any camera operator who would have been recording the fire in the first tower would have had the Twin Towers centered in the picture frame. But not this one. In this one, it’s pretty clear that a lot of space to the right of the buildings was filmed so as to allow for the adding of an airplane later.

What is seen in the footage discussed above is an unobstructed view of the Hudson River on a sunny day, with moving water craft clearly visible. Then there is the explosion in the second tower, the one on the camera’s left. But there is no airplane approaching across the Hudson River. The sky is blue and visibility is almost unlimited. When the early evening news is later broadcast, however, that very same video footage is aired again only, this time, the entire background has been eliminated and replaced with a haze (it appears to be a heavy overcast), and miraculously there is an approaching airplane image - - though it’s only a dark silhouette - - that appears to hit the left tower just as the explosion billows out the left wall of the left tower. Same footage, same camera angle, same shape of the smoke rolling out of the right-hand tower, same everything, EXCEPT the hazed-out background and the added image of an airplane. What is so striking is the relative positions of everything within the framed area selected for filming. It is perfect for showing one tower already burning and the approaching aircraft headed for the other tower. But no camera operator would have chosen that precise framing unless he expected something to be developing in the right half of the screen.

Another telltale giveaway is the sound. Over the video aired that morning - - presumably in real time - - the anchors’ voices tell all. As the explosion occurs in the left tower on the video, an anchor’s voice says “Oh, my God, there’s another one, there’s another explosion.” He’s watching his monitor and is seeing exactly what the viewing audience is seeing. The other anchor chimes in and says, “Folks, we’ve just had another explosion and it’s in the other tower.” Yes, one could have been looking elsewhere and not seen an approaching aircraft, but it just isn’t credible to surmise that both anchors missed a plane which absorbed several seconds of the videotape in its approach flight.

We needn’t have an advanced education in physics - - unfortunately, the majority of American adults can’t distinguish physics from paleontology anyway - - all we need is a little common sense. Perhaps Superman could throw a baseball into a concrete building and it would punch right through and sail out the other side unharmed. But the rest of us know that if we were to throw a baseball against the outer wall of a concrete building, it would hit the wall and bounce back in our direction. Such knowledge and common sense have to be set aside in order to believe the story we were told about the events of September 11, 2001. That so many of us were so gullible is astounding, embarrassing even. I’m certainly perplexed that I overlooked so much as I spent countless hours deliberately looking for inconsistencies and possible explanations.

Then there are the problems with regard to the myriad of alleged failures in the air defense system. I could - - because of the plane assumption - - find no explanation for the criminally negligent blunders we were told had occurred. My 20 years of military experiences kept subliminally telling me that the air defense systems I knew to be the best and most modern in the world had not failed on virtually every front - - as alleged - - but, instead, had worked to perfection as they always have, including the 64 times fighter jets had been scrambled in 2001 prior to September 11th. I knew that even if a tiny part of the system should fail - - and an errant aircraft or missile should penetrate the net and reach its destination - - heads would roll. Generals would be relieved, as would others right down the chain of command. Somebody would be court-martialed. The media would be all over the story like stink on cow manure. Yet none of this happened. No one was relieved. No one was disciplined or even reprimanded. The American people blindly accepted the ruse without question.

Yet I ignored the obvious for years, for which I became ashamed when the truth finally penetrated the dense fog I had allowed to surround my brain.

In my gut I knew the failures had not occurred, yet I subconsciously avoided venturing into that territory. I wasted a lot of valuable time pondering theories involving the takeover of the planes by remote control, or the substituting of specially-equipped unmanned drones. But, despite all the possibilities I considered, I was left with a long laundry list of pesky questions that just would not go away. When I finally realized that there was no plane, that indeed there could not have been a plane - - let alone four of them - - then 90% of the nagging inconsistencies I hadn’t been able to resolve….evaporated.

It was like a first experience of seeing bagworms. You can’t see them. They look so much like the cedar or juniper trees and shrubs they infest and soon devour. You can look directly and closely at the leaves and you won’t see the worms. Until one moves. Then you can see a thousand of them because then you know what to look for….and if there’s one, you can be sure there are a thousand. If you watch for a few minutes, you can see hundreds of them moving slightly as they feast on the greenery.

The air defense system did not work that day because nothing triggered it. It is activated by the discovery of errant or unidentified aircraft and other flying objects. There are three systems operational 24/7 to detect such irregularities, one each controlled by NORAD, FAA, and NSA. That day, there was no stray anything in the air.

The system can also be activated by order, but such is extremely rare (computerized imagery added to videotaped footage and broadcast nationwide does not activate the air defense system). The system works so well that a plane or missile headed for the Pentagon would have been automatically shot down by the missile batteries protecting the building, which would have AUTOMATICALLY launched missiles the minute any unauthorized flying object penetrated restricted air space without prior clearance. That would have occurred electronically even if every member of the firing battery were sound asleep. No plane hit the Pentagon. No plane COULD HAVE hit the Pentagon. It would have been shot down seconds after entering restricted airspace.

I mentioned “heads rolling.” We were later told that there were nine practice exercises in progress that morning, involving 22 mock hijackings, simulated by electronically placing fake blips on the radar screens manned by air traffic controllers and others. We were further told that the exercises had committed all but 14 of the available fighter aircraft in the entire United States inventory, and had them deployed to places such that protection for the entire continental United States was left to those 14 aircraft. We were led to believe it was merely bad planning that left the continental United States vulnerable. Nothing even close to such a bungled scenario is possible.

Nobody, of any rank or position at any level, would have - - could have - - scheduled multiple conflicting drills that would have crippled our defense. Superiors would not have approved such an idiotic proposal, and subordinate commanders would have screamed like castrated pigs that their ability to defend the nation would be compromised.

The military’s most proficient skill is “simulating.” They may have deployed one or two dozen aircraft in an actual exercise, and simulated deploying 150 others - - perhaps to test how things would function if the force were to be critically overtaxed. But they would not really deploy the 150 aircraft because it would degrade their combat readiness. Simulated aspects of operations always go off without a hitch precisely because they are imaginary.

The fighter aircraft that are on standby for scrambling - - across the nation and elsewhere - - are positioned near a designated runway so that no time is wasted on long taxiing that can be avoided. The maintenance crews are with the aircraft. The pilots are fully dressed and close by. When the alert horn sounds, designated maintenance crewmembers fire up the engines to each aircraft as the pilots run to their planes and the tower is clearing the needed runway (if necessary). The pilots buckle in and move to takeoff position and immediately bolt down the runway, lifting off as soon as takeoff speed is reached. Then they throttle up to max power and head for 10,000 feet. THEN they receive orders by radio as to where to go and what the mission is. From alert horn to 10,000 feet is about two minutes. That’s a standard that has been maintained dating back to the early days when SAC (Strategic Air Command) manned the DEW Line defense system (Distant Early Warning).

This is serious business for all the people involved in this system at any level and in any capacity. The survival of the nation could depend upon their proficiency and their speed. No aspect of it is taken lightly by anyone. Yet we have been fed phony tapes in which officials are heard to say things like “Well, I reckon someone ought to start thinking about scrambling some aircraft and get up there and investigate,” and “somebody’s going to have to make some decisions in the next ten minutes or so,” and “gosh, everybody just left the room.” Anyone with any military experience at operational levels of command knows those tapes are fakes. They are almost hilarious.

Since there was no plane, many things no longer need explaining. No need to ponder why not one of the alleged 19 hijackers appeared on any of the four alleged manifests. No need to question why none of the airport surveillance cameras recorded the presence of any of the 19. There was no hijacker, and there certainly were not 19 of them. No need to wonder why a bunch of able-bodied American airline passengers cowered at the threat of ridiculous “box cutters.”

No need to wonder what happened to 200-plus [imaginary] passengers. No need to question why none of the cell phone companies could produce any verification of the fabricated air-to-earth cell calls between nonexistent people. No need to raise an eyebrow when being told that a nonexistent passenger called his mother and said “Mom, this is Mark Bingham.”

There is no need to wonder why all the “witnesses” who claimed to have seen any of the planes were either employed by the news networks or were married to network employees. “Our producer’s wife is visiting her sister in Manhattan and is on the 28th floor of the such-and-such building, tell us Diane, what did you see?” Dozens of on-the-street interviews were broadcast much later in the day that were absolutely authentic, there was indeed a lot of carnage to report that day. Buildings fell and people died or were injured. Reports of all that were real, but not a single one of those people ever claimed to have seen an airplane hit a building. Many reports of rapid multiple explosions were edited out of the on-site interviews. The witnesses who described airplanes crashing into buildings were all affiliated with the networks. Without exception. It’s a good bet that some of the so-called “call-in” witnesses were calling from within the studio.

One fake caller described his view of the Pentagon from his office window, where he claims to have seen Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. Small technical problem. No office building exists in that area that would afford the view he described. A female caller said she was sure it was an American Airlines 757 because her boyfriend was “an airplane guy.” The three fake callers on that particular network, at that time, were named Don, Dawn, and Shawn. Yeah, right.

I went into the archives and reviewed all the footage that was broadcast that day by CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOXNews, and BBC. Everything aired came from only two [master] feeds. Yes, all the individual anchors were different, and each one had arranged its own callers-in, but the footage of the WTC and the Pentagon and the laughable “crash site” in Pennsylvania all came from only two feeds, most likely both in a studio “war room” somewhere.

With no plane, there is no need to explain why, prior to 9-11, there was no American Airlines Flight numbered 11 or 77, or why, prior to 9-11, United 93 had never flown on a Tuesday or why, based on reported tail numbers, records show two of the four imaginary airplanes were still in service with the airlines two years later. No reason to explain any of that. America - - and the world - - had taken the bait. Now all they have to do is keep up the illusion, just as they have done for 46 years with the JFK assassination, just as they have done with the assassinations of RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, and others, just like they have done with Ruby Ridge, Waco, Seattle, Oklahoma City, shoot-down of Flight 800, etc.

What about all those passengers, one might ask? Nonexistent airplanes carry nonexistent passengers, Silly. That’s like the old junior high school scenario where a plane crashes on the border between two states and the question asked is “In which state would you bury the survivors?” Survivors aren’t buried, they live on. You don’t think Americans are that gullible? Look at the crap they PURCHASE, the crap they WEAR, and the crap they EAT. They can be made to believe anything. ANYTHING!

Okay, let’s say that all the 200-plus names on the manifests we were shown WERE fabricated, how would the perpetrators get the airlines to prepare and release bogus manifests? That’s easy, folks, the federal government REGULATES the commercial airlines. They could put any one of them out of business in a week with some innocent-sounding rules changes. That’s the way they control everything - - the media, the schools, etc. - - by REGULATION and by threat of using them to choke out their survival. The government makes the rules by which all of them must live and operate. United and American Airlines released the manifests the government furnished to them. And all the names were fabricated by the government long in advance.

Go look at the archived television broadcast footage from that day. Notice how innocent all the news anchors were, including the biggies - - Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, etc. - - in the beginning, before they were TOLD what to report. They knew nothing of what was actually going on at the outset. Most of them clearly stated that the building collapses looked like controlled demolitions to them. Yet three hours later, they were very careful not to repeat any of that but, instead, kept explaining how the extreme heat from the fires, coupled with the devastating impact of the airplanes, caused the buildings to collapse. They all wanted to keep their jobs, and their networks are all regulated by the Federal Government. They reported what they were TOLD to report. Plain and simple. Here’s when and how the groundwork was laid for the “story.”

Who is this bozo (PLANT) who already has all the "information" of the "official" story?
The 911SolutionThe big clue everybody missed - 10 min.

Well, Smarty-Pants, that still doesn’t explain Barbara Olson’s death on Flight 77.

I knew that one was coming. The facts prove Barbara Olson was not on Flight 77. Yes, she apparently vanished, but not on Flight 77. It was her name on that manifest, and everyone knowing who she was, that lent credence to the Flight 77 hoax. And it was that single element that created the opportunity to fabricate a cell phone call from her that opened the door for the fake cell calls from all the imaginary aircraft. But once you accept that there was no Flight 77, and it did not hit the Pentagon, then most all the questions about the explosions there just go away. If we aren’t trying to fit a Boeing 757 into a single 16-foot hole, then we can start asking some REAL questions and quit dwelling upon imaginary ones.

The mystery of the light poles goes away. Anyone with any sense knows that if any airplane - - ANY AIRPLANE - - were to strike just one well-anchored steel pole while traveling at a high rate of speed, that airplane would be immediately slammed to the ground and crashed. No airplane known to mankind, of any size, could continue flying at that low altitude and clip off four more poles. It simply is not possible. Even BIRDS cripple airplanes. Steel poles CRASH THEM. So, someone was assigned to knock those poles down and photograph them, or the photographs were doctored (it’s easy with PhotoShop).

Does anyone reading this personally KNOW anyone who perished on one of the four phantom flights? Has anyone here SEEN the light poles lying on the ground? The answer to each is “No.”

Back to Barbara Olson. She had written a New York Times bestseller titled “Hell to Pay,” a thoroughly researched and well-commented book exposing Hillary Clinton for the wicked, evil, vindictive, ruthless witch she truly is. Lots of people wanted Barbara dead - - possibly even her husband - - and somebody killed her. By adding her name to the phony Flight 77 passenger manifest, the worry about a missing persons report and homicide investigation vaporized. Case closed before it could even be opened. Prove it to yourself.

The “official” manifest for Flight 77 was released and published on September 12th. Olson’s name was not on it. A corrected copy was issued on September 13th and her name WAS on it. The explanation, that the public swallowed hook, line and sinker, was that she had been scheduled for another [later] flight and had changed at the last minute (which supposedly explained her name not being on the first one released). But that story won’t fly (pun intended) with people experienced in commercial flying. Everyone knows that flight manifests are finalized before any airplane is permitted to be pulled away from the gate. People make flights at the last minute all the time, but their names are on the manifest before the plane moves an inch.

No, somebody big was involved in her death, and that somebody big was big enough to also be involved in the 9-11 hoax. So, adding her name to the Flight 77 manifest achieved several things. It hid her disappearance, it covered a murder, and it lent credibility to the Flight 77 story.

Moreover, it left U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson without a wife (he may have wanted to be rid of) and with a handful of life insurance proceeds. Too, Barbara had been a federal prosecutor. Investigations were her stock in trade and she was apparently very good at it, judging from her book. Suppose her research in that endeavor had uncovered some other evidence that could bring down some pretty big names, and suppose it became known that she intended to pursue bringing them down. In that event, silencing her became “necessary.“ THEN, eliminating her was a simple matter of timing - - waiting for the already planned 9-11 scenario to unfold - - and putting her on a flight manifest that was to be “sold” to the nation.

Don’t forget, these sorts of people do stuff like this routinely. They killed Vince Foster, planted his body in Fort Marcy Park, controlled the crime scene and had the inept and inexperienced federal park police to handle the sham investigation, ruling it a suicide despite overwhelming evidence of murder. In some circles, crime indeed DOES pay.

Once an observer acknowledges (1) that the 9-11 operations were pulled off by a well-organized group of ruthless figures within the United States Government and (2) that there was no airplane involved, then 75% of the mysteries and unanswered questions dissolve right before our eyes. Many things suddenly make perfectly good common sense.

The only possible argument against the facts presented in my now-five-part analysis, is the lame “But our government would never do such a thing to its own people.” Just stop a moment and realize how truly laughable that argument is.

Kay Corleone: Michael, do you realize how naive you sound? Senators don’t have people killed.”

Michael Corleone: “Who’s being naïve now, Kay?”

How do they keep all these people quiet, you ask? Any military person or government employee with a security clearance - - at any level - - is forbidden by law from divulging or discussing any classified bit of information with anyone other than another person with a suitable clearance who has an immediate “need to know” in order to do his/her job. Divulging such information under any other circumstance carries penalties of up to 30 years in prison. Keeping those people quiet is not a problem at all. Most of the rest can be kept quiet with threats against one’s personal safety, one’s family, one’s financial security, one‘s business, etc. Hard cases are simply erased from the face of the earth, witness Barbara Olson., Vince Foster, Admiral Boorda, and the recent “suicide” of the Freddie Mac CFO.

Are you understanding how arrogant people have to be to drop three monster buildings with controlled demolitions and persuade an ignorant but trusting populace that 19 Muslim suicide fanatics hijacked four aircraft and flew three of them into buildings? People who will do that are simply telling us that they control everything they need to control and there is nothing we can do about it. They will do whatever they want to do and they don’t care whether we know or not. If you could ask one of them why, the answer would be “Because we CAN.”

The most ignorant thing a person can say (or think) is “It can’t happen here.” It happened in Germany, it happened in Russia, it happened in China, and it happened in many parts of the world. In every case, the people did not believe it could happen to them. It’s already happening here. These ruthless, despotic, godless creatures have Obama doing exactly what they want him to do. He’s moving at an accelerated pace and they are coming for our guns, they will vanquish us with vaccinations and poisons, and they will starve us the way Stalin starved 7 million Ukranians. The police state is already here and they have issued their warnings to us. Sadly, only a relative handful of us have heard. They CAN, and they WILL.

Copyright April 2009
Fred Marshall Jr.
May be reproduced and
distributed in its entirety
only. All rights reserved.

Crime scene evidence being spirited away at the Pentagon
Line of Civilians Removing Evidence from Pentagon

Carefully pause the video at 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 seconds and examine what you see. The plane goes into the building, punching through the vertical girders in the outer wall. Imagine what would have happened to the right wing tip in such a collision. Then notice that after the right wing tip has survived punching through all that steel and concrete, and traveling one-third of the way into the building, it punches through the outer steel girders on the near side and is still unscathed. Absolutely impossible.

Never before seen Video of WTC 9/11 attack - 40 seconds

This two-minute clip will raise lots of eyebrows
Missile hits world trade center - 2 min

Do you see a crash site? The people THERE didn't either.
9/11 Flight 93 Rare Footage - Shone once on TV and then not shown again - 2 minutes


Steel IGNORES jet fuel

YouTube Shuts Down Account - Killtown's: WTC Crash Videos

Building the World Trade Center Towers - What they were made of - 18 min

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Preparing Federal Police Forces for Martial Law

by Fred Marshall Jr.
April 24, 2009

Most people don't know what FEMA is. Most of those who DO know that it stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency, mistakenly believe it is a federal agency whose mission is to assist local communities hit by natural disasters (floods, tornadoes, forest fires, etc.). That IS the purpose for which it was originally established. But it was reorganized in 1991 for other purposes entirely. Since reorganization, 7% of its budget has been dedicated for those original functions. The remaining 93% is used for activities related to law enforcement and population control. And its total funding from Congress has mushroomed into one more out-of-control agency. Its performance in New Orleans during Katrina ought to let people know where its resources are NOT concentrated.

What it boils down to is that FEMA is intended to become a federal police force that can take over all the police functions of municipalities, counties and states and control all law enforcement activities for the entire nation when a president declares a national emergency. Over the 18 years since the reorganization, FEMA has been providing grants and subsidies to municipalities, counties and states to train and equip all forces up to military standards. Tiny jurisdictions now have armored vehicles, flamethrowers, and all sorts of equipment that wouldn't be expected - - by any prudent mind - - to be needed in a thousand years. But, like has happened over time with the public schools, the federal government has used the insatiable human appetite for money to seduce nearly every jurisdiction in the country to accept their funding and, along with it, the strings of control grants and subsidies carry with them.

To the schools they say "You can have the money, but you'll have to teach this, and you cannot teach that." With law enforcement, it's "You can have the money, but you will have to let us come in and train your officers, and you'll have to become proficient in this and this and this."

What they have done over these past two decades, in effect, is to militarize all law enforcement so that transitioning into a federal force can be pulled off with very little difficulty. Jurisdictions have gradually morphed from organizations that used to "protect and serve" to jackgooted thug units that employ "shock and awe" to subordinate the public and condition them for martial law.

Many readers have seen the videos and still photos of the storage facilities where hundreds of thousands of huge, durable plastic "casket liners" (each capable of holding three to five human bodies, depending upon individual body size) are maintained at the ready. Many know, or at least have heard of, the dozens of concentration camp facilities either in existence or under construction across the fruited plain. It appears that planners are preparing to incarcerate about 10% of the population and bury at least another 25%. These plans, Dear Hearts, are a bit more than the mere "contingency plans" they are being represented as to local authorities. Cloth "Federal Police" shoulder patches have already been manufactured sufficient to outfit all law enforcement personnel (both enforcement and administrative) in the nation. There have been reports of uniforms of all sizes having been already manufactured and stored as well.

Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most countries in Europe already have federal police forces. In the United States, there are more than 70 federal agencies with law enforcement authorities granted by Congress. The average educated American might be able to name five or six, such as FBI, DEA, BATFE, EPA, CIA, NSA, etc., but few can name a dozen. There exist numerous agencies most Americans have never heard even mentioned.

The ballooning federal criminal code, draconian mandatory sentences, and rigorous law enforcement tactics - - deploying overwhelming force to "subdue" people who pose little or no threat - - and ever-growing instances of asserting federal "power" into jurisdictions that are Constitutionally exclusive to the states (Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC) are but a few of the indicatons of what lies ahead.

As I and many others have been warning for years, the vast majority of Americans won't believe there are black helicopters until one lands in their front yard. Then it will be too late. I have seen them. Many people have videotaped them conducting mock exercises in and around cities and townships all across the country. Alex Jones ( and others have documented their widespread use in military and paramilitary exercises. The long-running television series "COPS" has gradually conditioned the viewing public to accept as normal all the earmarks of a police state. Yet the American people persist in yawning and changing the channel.

If all this sounds like a wild conspiracy theory, listen to this sheriff in a county near Chicago. Does he sound like a conspiracy nut to you? Or does he sound like a real live citizen sheriff who is concerned about what he sees going on right under our noses? Notice the context in which he says "but the law says you have to be involved in this." What most sheriffs don't know is that they have more Constitutional authority than the federal government has. Sadly, most sheriffs are political puppets.

Planning for martial law?

Copyright April 2009
Fred Marshall Jr.
May be reproduced and
distributed in its entirety
only. All rights reserved.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Preponderance of the Evidence

by Fred Marshall Jr.
April 4, 2009

It's a safe bet that at least 20% of Americans are familiar with the fundamental standards courts instruct juries to apply in deciding guilt: (1) beyond all reasonable doubt for crimes and (2) based upon the preponderance of the evidence in civil cases.

"Two percent of the people THINK. Three percent THINK they think. Ninety-five percent would rather SLEEP than think." - Henry Ford

Well, maybe 20% IS a bit high. In any event, I shall presume that 100% of those who read my essays, treatises, allocutions, studies, surveys, assessments, and assertions understand the two standards.

“Conspiracy Theorists” Not So Crazy After All - 4 min

This series will address various subjects by first asserting self-evident hypotheses and then listing items of evidence sufficient to, in my opinion, embody the "preponderance" of available evidence necessary to solidly buttress the beginning hypothesis for each. I shall begin in this opening installment with the first of several subject areas, progress through the list as time permits, and reserve the latitude to add others as they come to mind. The core beginning list includes the following:

Part One: Obama - Hypothesis: Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetero, aka Barack Soetero, aka Barack Dunham, aka Barry Dunham, is a foreigner, is not "natural-born" in the United States, is not eligible to run for, or serve as, President of the United States, is a fraud, is a fake, is a pretender, is an imposter, is a parvenu, and is a usurper.

Part Two: Income tax - Hypothesis: The U.S. Individual Income Tax, as it has been criminally mis-administered for the past 50-plus years, is the most massive financial fraud and transfer of wealth in the history of the world, and amounts to unbridled armed extortion.

Part Three: U.S. Government - Hypothesis: All three branches of the United States Government - - Democratic and Republican alike - - are "infandous" (too disgusting to be adequately expressed using known words).

Part Four: The Federal Reserve - Hypothesis: The Federal Reserve is not an entity of the United States Government but, rather, is a private cartel of international bankers determined to subordinate all countries to a single one-world government under THEIR "omnipotent" rule. The owners of the privately-owned, for-profit cartel of international bankers comprise the center of operations for the world, around which all else revolves.

Part 5ive: The Prime Targets of Governments - Hypothesis: The main targets (enemies) of all governments are, necessarily, the people they seek to "govern" (rule, subjugate).

Part 6ix: Mainstream Media - Hypothesis: The American mainstream media - - which include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, movies, the music industry, school textbooks, publishing houses, a rapidly-growing chunk of the Internet, virtually everything we read, see, hear and "learn" - - are owned and controlled by only six men, all of whom collaborate to operate the greatest propaganda machine ever known to mankind. These six men are puppets of the Federal Reserve owners (international banking cartel) and comprise what is known, among insiders, as "The Fourth Estate" (of government).

Part Seven: September 11, 2001 - Hypothesis: Almost no part of the wild story the government and the media told the world about the events of September 11, 2001, is provably true. On the contrary, almost ALL of it is provably UNTRUE.

Part Eight: Militarizing Police Forces and the Emergence of the Police State - Hypothesis: For at least the past 15-plus years now, the federal government - - through FEMA and other federal agencies - - has been funding (via subsidies and outright grants) the militarization of local and state law enforcement agencies, including training, doctrine, and equipment, in blatant direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Part Nine: Contrails versus Chemtrails - Hypothesis: Contrails are visible as hot exhaust is cooled by the cold air at high altitudes. They are easy to recognize because they are only visible for a short while before they dissipate. They leave a tail behind the plane for some distance, but the end of the tail disappears at the same speed the plane travels, so that the tail appears to be the same length all the time. Chemtrails, on the other hand, are made from some sort of spray that is visible, and they can be seen stretching across the sky from horizon to horizon. They begin very narrow and compact, then gradually spread out as time goes by but linger on for hours and hours. Condensation simply does not do that.

Part Ten: A "Dumbed-down" Society - Hypothesis: For nearly 50 years the American society has been methodically and systematically "dumbed-down" by a combination of progressively-diminishing educational standards and expectations, in both public schools and most institutions of higher learning, and by use of propagandized indoctrinations that constantly bombard the human subconscious via deceptive advertising and centrally-coordinated television programming. The cabal of international banking families have been gradually developing a populace of docile, obedient workers who not only don't ask serious questions, they don't think beyond the bounds set for them by government schools and by television programming. The masses are relentlessly pelted with opinions and explanations, provided by news anchors, elected officials, and so-called "experts" hired by the networks, to the extent that the vast majority of people simply adopt and parrot views and opinions they have heard expressed over and over by "talking heads." It's so much easier than thinking for oneself, and it makes the duping of the masses into actually believing the ludicrous explanations - - of events they are spoon-fed - - a mere walk in the park.

Part Eleven: Controlling the World by Controlling Food and Water Supplies - Hypothesis: Monsanto, Arthur-Daniels-Midland, Dupont, and a couple of other mega-corporations will soon control more than 80% of the world's food and drinkable water supplies. Once that hurdle has been conquered, reducing world population will be a simple matter of starving selected cultures to death.

Part Twelve: Population Control via "Mandatory" Vaccinations and Fluoridation of Water - Hypothesis: The "men behind the curtain" have made great strides in these arenas, by fluoridating the bodies of people and poisoning them with mercury and other ingredients of vaccinations. In 1950, one in 10,000 children was afflicted by autism; today, it's one in 150. Countless scientists, doctors, and researchers have concluded that such anomalies have been caused by fluoride and mercury.


Hypothesis: Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetero, aka Barack Soetero, aka Barack Dunham, aka Barry Dunham, is a foreigner, is not "natural-born" in the United States, is not eligible to run for, or serve as, President of the United States, is a fraud, a fake, a pretender, an imposter, a usurper.

Indisputable assumptions: (1) This is one of the most egregious Constitutional crises of modern times, and (2) if AKA were, indeed, a natural born citizen, he would have presented a valid birth certificate when initially claiming eligibility to run for president, and would not have defied all attempts to denude his history.


1. Not only has AKA never presented a valid birth certificate for public inspection, he has steadfastly refused to produce one in the face of countless formal, informal, and legal requests and demands to do so. Additionally, he has posted a forged "copy" of an extract (that purports to be official) on his website to mislead the public. One Hawaiian official has claimed that a valid birth certificate is on file within the Hawaiian government, claims he has seen it, has examined it, and finds it to be authentic, but no one else is permitted to see it; that the world must take his word that it exists. Moreover, AKA has spent more than $1 million on legal fees to block all attempts to uncover any facts regarding his background. ABSOLUTELY UNPRECEDENTED!

2. Prior to announcing his candidacy for President, AKA took legal steps to seal most of his records from public view, citing personal privacy. Such records include all those accumulated by the various schools and colleges he claims to have attended - - both in the United States and abroad - - and virtually all records of his civilian, non-academic activities in and around Chicago. Similarly, he has had sealed all records relating to his medical history, both here and abroad, and has sealed official - - otherwise public - - records pertaining to him that may or may not be maintained by the governments of Kenya, Indonesia, Hawaii, the United States and elsewhere. UNPRECEDENTED!

3. In 1981, AKA traveled to Pakistan at a time when U.S. citizens were not allowed to enter that country. He traveled there on an Indonesian passport. Indonesians WERE permitted entry at that time. He attended Occidental College (Los Angeles) as a foreign exchange student from Indonesia. Whether or not he received financial assistance, and from what source(s), is not clear.


Supremes asked to cooperate with FBI in Obama probe

4. All 535 members of Congress know AKA is not a natural born citizen, and the key members of his staff and cabinet most certainly know. All nine justices of the Supreme Court know. Moreover, all the key mainstream media anchors and senior network officials know. Only the PEOPLE are kept in the dark.

5. Like Adolf Hitler, he has no allegiance to the country over which he now unlawfully "reigns". Hitler was born in Austria. He was not born into any allegiance to Germany, nor did he ever swear any oath of allegiance to Germany. Similarly, AKA was born in Kenya (East Africa), with no inherent natural allegiance to the United States. Moreover, he has not officially sworn any oath of allegiance to the United States at any time since (nor has he acquired naturalized citizenship). Everyone remembers that the oath at the January 20, 2009 "inauguration" was [deliberately] bungled and, even when the public was told that the oath was allegedly "re-administered" at the White House, the ceremony was (1) performed without a Bible and (2) was not recorded on film or videotape (therefore the "re-do" was no more valid than the inaugural). Such a colossal "blunder" - - not really a blunder, but instead was BY DESIGN - - was UNPRECEDENTED! Therefore, neither Hitler nor AKA (were) (are) (can be) subject to any charges of TREASON. One cannot be a traitor to a country in which he was not born nor to which he has never sworn any oath of allegiance.

6. Adolf Hitler was chosen by the international bankers to launch a World War and sustain it for a time, gradually diminishing the strengths of all participants. They extended credit to the countries involved in the war, deeply indebting them all to the central banks they owned. Like Adolf Hitler, AKA may well have been "chosen" by the "men behind the curtain" to lead the dismantling and destruction of the nation, financially, socially, morally, psychologically, and physically, which is the next logical step in the march to an all-powerful one-world government. UNPRECEDENTED!

7. A surprising number of people who could have provided fist-hand witness testimony regarding some of AKA's activities over the past 20 years guessed it....mysteriously and prematurely DEAD. With the possible exception of the deaths surrounding Bill Clinton, UNPRECEDENTED!

8. AKA's first official televised interview, after beginning his impersonation of a President of the United States, was with a FOREIGN Arab television station. UNPRECEDENTED!


9. So far, most of AKA's appointments of key staff and cabinet level officials have come from the ranks of the most corrupt individuals on the modern-day political scene. It appears he fully intends to move Chicago's "Republicans-need-not-apply" machine to Washington. UNPRECEDENTED!

10. During the campaign, and the run-up to the 2008 election, AKA refused to place his hand over his heart for the playing of the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. In all instances of both, he has refrained from singing the lyrics to the Anthem and from reciting the words of the Pledge. During a recent visit to Marine Base Camp LeJuene, AKA remained out of sight at his own welcoming ceremony until AFTER the National Anthem had been played. UNPRECEDENTED! These ARE NOT the acts of a patriotic Christian American, but the behavior of a devout NUSLIM.

Obama skips National Anthem at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

11. During the recent G-20 Summit, AKA greeted the King of Saudi Arabia with a full bow from the waist, a move one commentator described as a violation of protocol and not worthy of the office he holds. UNPRECEDENTED!

Obama bows to Saudi king - video

12. AKA has ramrodded legislation through which shifts massive amounts of wealth from the American middle class to the International Banking Cartel. UNPRECEDENTED! Large chunks of the "funny-money" went to trust accounts to be held and spent on the 2010 elections to support candidates of AKA's choosing. Another large chunk went to an organization AKA formed several years ago (ACORN), one which has been for some time now under federal and state investigations for election fraud and vote-rigging in the 2008 and earlier elections.

13. AKA has ordered the release of several Muslims previously held as known or suspected terrorists, with all charges withdrawn. UNPRECEDENTED!

14. AKA has directed and facilitated the formation of numerous "Youth Brigades" - - shades of "Hitler Youth" - - many which were formed, indoctrinated, and operational long BEFORE the November, 2008, election. UNPRECEDENTED!

CONCLUSION: There can be no remotely reasonable claim that AKA is a natural-born citizen of the United States. There can be no claim that he has any loyalty to the United States. There can be no question that his loyalties to Islam and Africa (the "mother continent") are paramount, and that his loathe for the United States has been repeatedly demonstrated. He most definitely is not a U.S. citizen, either born or naturalized. AKA is preparing the sabotaging and total collapse of the economy, the currency, and the United States of America itself. His role in transitioning the United States into a nation state of a supreme one-world government has been assigned to him, and he is pursuing it with all deliberate speed.

PART TWO - (Not yet written, but coming soon)

Copyright April 2009
Fred Marshall Jr.
May be reproduced and
distributed in its entirety
only. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Writings of Fred Marshall Jr.

I Have Changed My Mind

by Fred Marshall Jr.
March 1, 2009

Governments derive their powers from the governed. With the birth of the Constitution for the United States of America, a representative republic was established to which We the People granted powers that were few and defined. In the years since, the three branches of that republic have gradually grown - - in both size and power - - and transformed the republic into the oligarchic monstrosity that economically and psychologically enslaves us today. That we cannot see the shackles eases none of the restrictions on our lives.

Few people realize and understand that this growth has only been possible because We the People have stood indolently by and permitted those in official positions to continuously empower themselves with our money and with the authority that our disinterested nonparticipation allows to thrive. At any juncture along the way, We the People could have stopped the transformation - - and retained the republic - - but we haven't. The republic is gone.

For years I've been telling - - preaching to - - people and readers that our last best hope is to vote at least 300 members of Congress out of the House of Representatives. I'd really like to see 434 of them (save Ron Paul) sent home, but I've long thought that if 300 were evicted, the other 135 would suddenly see being responsive to We the People as the only way they could retain their seats. But I have finally realized that is never going to happen. In modern times, the largest number ever replaced in a single election was 52, back in 1994. We saw then that the 383 who weren't defeated were the ones who "trained" the 52 freshmen to "replace" the ousted 52, and the status quo was preserved with only a hiccup interruption. The newbies were jerked into line in very short order.

What We the People had accomplished in 1994 amounted to nothing beyond having temporarily fooled themselves. The illusion prevailed - - that a new group was in charge - - for a while, but it soon became apparent that nothing had actually changed but the label by which the majority was identified. Though the "new" majority was said to be Republican, the performance of the Congress continued to be indistinguishable from that of the preceding Democratic House. Both parties represent the same special interests, and they ain't We the People. What we have in reality is single-party rule, with the first and second teams taking turns on the floor from time to time.

We the People have complained, moaned, and groaned over the years, not as a formidable majority but, as a multitude of small, splintered groups - - each with no significant influence - - championing various single-issue agendas. That's as the puppet masters want it. They see a little dissent as healthy, so long as it doesn't get out of hand or project any power. They see We the People as items on their menu, and they "employ" public officials as chefs to "prepare" us and "keep us warm" on the steam table. At all costs, they are determined to keep us off the guest lists of their planning conferences. Through the mechanisms and systems they have devised and put into place, they routinely grind selected people up like sausage to maintain their control and, of course, their cash flow (income taxes).

Throughout the first 55 years of my life I truly believed that the United States of America was a Constitutional Republic, with three separate branches of government. I believed the President and Vice President, and members of both Houses of Congress, were elected by secret ballot of the people in open and free elections supervised by the people. I believed Supreme Court Justices were nominated by Presidents and confirmed by the Senate, and I believed the rules governing the operations of the three branches of government contained a system of "checks and balances" that guaranteed no one branch could ever become too powerful.

I believed that the Federal Reserve was an official agency of the U.S. Government and its Chairman was periodically selected by Presidents and confirmed by Senates. I believed the public education system was the best in the world. And I believed the people in the criminal justice system in the United States were essentially fair and honest , and dedicated to the pursuit of justice. I even naively believed that judges and juries viewed all defendants as innocent until proven guilty.

The reason I believed all these myths is because I was "educated" (indoctrinated) to believe them. I read about them in textbooks in high school and college. I saw the concepts portrayed in movies and on television. I saw "talking heads" on various "news" shows endlessly discussing the ins and outs of all the so-called political issues and election campaigns. I even watched both Houses of Congress put on their "shows" on C-SPAN.

Eventually I learned that elections are anything but free and open. Since long before my birth (during the Great Depression), elections have been rigged to produce the outcomes desired by the "money trust," (the puppet masters, the men behind the curtain). Today, it's very easily done with computer software rather than stuffing ballot boxes.

As long as 2,000 people physically go and vote in a given precinct, the computerized, unverifiable no-paper-trail voting machines can be programmed to "tally" that 1,100 voted for Candidate A and 900 voted for Candidate B. It is by those 2,000 people going to the polls that they give the power to the criminal scumbags who rig elections.

What if no one voted? What if no one showed up at the polls on election day? What if two or three people in each precinct were to set up video cameras across or down the street and focused on the entrances to the voting places, to show that no one entered all day? Wouldn't the media be forced to report it, since they wouldn't have footage of people crowding around these places? How could the political bosses claim their candidate had won if no votes were cast?

What if no one voted for, say Representative John Smith of Rhode Island's 87th District? Would he remain in the House of Representatives without receiving any votes? What if ten people in that district were to go in and vote for the challenger, and be interviewed on camera by concerned citizens of the District after voting, clearly announcing that they had voted for the challenger? Could the party bosses claim victory for Smith, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

"The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service." - Albert Einstein

Our armed forces are all-volunteer forces. What if nobody were to volunteer? There is no law against opting not to volunteer, is there? Seems I remember an old movie "What if they gave a war and nobody came?"

North Platte Canteen - 7 min - Here's an example of what used to be important

What if we could educate our youth, and persuade them that our armed forces don't serve our country, they don't protect our imaginary freedom, they don't support and defend the Constitution, but instead protect the interests of world financiers and multi-national corporations? What if our youth were awakened to reality and no one volunteered for service in the armed forces? How can a country engage in war if it has no military?

"Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger." - Hermann Göring, Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe (Nazi Air Force), President of the Reichstag (German Parliament), Creator of the Gestapo (Nazi Secret Police), designated successor to Hitler.

One key in Göring's quote above is his reference to patriotism. When a country sends it's fighting forces to war, all citizens are expected to rally around the flag and support the troops and, by implication, support the cause for which they allegedly are fighting. Is it possible to support the troops while opposing the war? Yes and no. We want to support our troops no matter what. Some people believe the propaganda "My country, right or wrong."

But how can we justify - - in our own minds, let alone in any other venue - - rooting for the troops as many of them die while striving to kill "the enemy" when we know the best way to truly support them is to bring them home and get them out of harm's way if the war is a waste of time, money, and good soldiers? Are these soldiers not good men and women, weren't they valuable human beings before they went to war? Will the country's population benefit from their presence, performance, sacrifice and even death in the war, or will the only beneficiaries be the financiers, the mega-corporations and the politicians? How does an American family benefit when its loved one is killed in uniform?

How do 5,000 families benefit when 5,000 service members die in war? And how do 15,000 other families cope with 15,000 crippled-for-life soldiers come home? How many of us are willing to see our son-husband-father-brother-uncle-nephew-cousin die or be crippled for no reason other than to protect or enhance the profits of corporations which sell munitions, armaments, weapons, and supplies to the military, or to provide windfall profits to the banking industry which lends money to both sides of every conflict?

A second key aspect of the quote is just how simple it is to "drag the people along" using most any sort of FEAR that there is an "enemy" somewhere threatening their country and their freedoms.

So, why not stop volunteering for military service? Why not stop voting? Why not stop paying taxes en mass? If We the People don't GIVE power to the government, then it hasn't any. If we don't give it our money, if we don't give it our relatives, if we don't vote anyone into office, what power does government have?

You see, ladies and gentlemen, an armed revolution cannot succeed. It would spill a lot of blood but, in the end, the people would lose big time. The government has planes, tanks and bombs arrayed against our pistols and rifles. They can disable our motor vehicles via satellite with a couple of key strokes. They can shut down our communications just as easily, or they can leave them operational and listen to every plan, then "head us off at the pass." We cannot overpower them, but we damn surely can deny them the power of our willing support.

For 20 years after I completed my 20-year Army career, I encouraged lots of young men to join the armed forces. I cannot in good conscience do that ever again. I cannot encourage anyone to risk his life - - and turn his family's lives inside-out - - to satisfy the profit motives of the elite. War is a racket, always has been and always will be. The text of a speech "War is a Racket" U.S. Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler delivered was published in 1935 as a booklet. You can read it online at the link below.

WAR IS A RACKET - Major General Smedley D. Butler - USMC Retired - READ IT HERE

"I have known war as few men now living know it. It's very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a means of settling international disputes." - Five-star general Douglas MacArthur
"I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity." - Five-star General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower
"Wars can be prevented just as surely as they can be provoked, and we who fail to prevent them must share in the guilt for the dead." - Five-star General Omar Bradley
"Older men declare war. But it is youth who must fight and die." - President Herbert Clark Hoover
"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind. War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today." - John F. Kennedy
"Every thoughtful, well-meaning and conscientious human being should assume in time of peace, the solemn and unconditional obligation not to participate in any war, for any reason or to lend support of any kind, whether direct or indirect." - Albert Einstein
The United States Government is working tirelessly to wipe out the middle class, and its rapid progress is conspicuous to all who bother to look. A middle class is an inherent and unavoidable by-product in a society of free people, but when a government deliberately dismantles the middle class - - as is currently being done here - - the intent is to obliterate freedom and suppress the people. The people's influence upon such a government, that aims to move them into peasantry and serfdom, must be snuffed out before the final takeover can be launched.

So, I've changed my mind about (1) voting everybody out of the House of Representatives and about (2) encouraging military service. The latter is a real turnaround for a man of my background, but is a position I haven't adopted without long, deep, and profound thought. Considering some of the quotes I provided above, I suspect I'm in the company of some pretty impressive men.

We need to recognize what a joke elections are in this country. Even using the pre-programmed computer-generated figures they gave us, 65% of Americans eligible to vote DID NOT VOTE for Barack Obama, yet we are led by the media to believe he won by such a great margin that it gave him a "mandate." What kind of fools do they think we are?

We must organize and boycott elections everywhere until they get rid of electronic machines and return to paper ballots that can be counted by hand, in settings open to the public. We'd be far better off waiting a few days or a week to get and verify the final vote tallies than to have instant results determined in advance by the men behind the curtain. Elections - - as they have long been conducted - - insult our intelligence.

And we must discourage all our youth from joining any branch of the military service. It's time we stopped providing our loved ones as expendable fodder for the money machines of the super-rich. Printing trillions of dollars is a move designed to wipe out the middle class, and we must find ways to stop that, though I fear that juggernaut can't be derailed.

Despite what you may or may not think of Rush Limbaugh, and despite whether you consider yourself liberal or conservative, you will be hard-pressed to disagree with the messages he includes in this recently-televised 83-minute (C-SPAN and FOX) talk before CPAC. He really only talks about 45 minutes but, with all the applause interruptions, it takes about 83 minutes. But he does remind us of the virtues and values that made this country great in the first place. Unless we return to those standards, there is little hope for this nation to survive.

Rush Limbaugh addresses the nation - CIPAC - 83 minutes (in 10 minute segments)

Then, a really good look at reality is provided in this 144-minute presentation. I urge everyone to watch and listen to every word. There is a whale of a lot of information on a wide variety of subjects covered in these twelve 12-minute segments.

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol. 1 Chapter 1 of 12) By Richard Grove - 12 min

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol 1. Chapter 2) By Richard Grove - 12 min

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol. 1 Chapter 3) By Richard Grove - 12 min

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol. 1 Chapter 4) By Richard Grove - 12 min

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol. 1 Chapter 5) By Richard Grove - 12 min

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol. 1 Chapter 6) By Richard Grove - 12 min

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol. 1 Chapter 7) By Richard Grove - 12 min

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol. 1 Chapter 8) By Richard Grove - 12 min

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol. 1 Chapter 9) By Richard Grove - 12 min

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol. 1 Chapter 10) By Richard Grove - 12 min

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol. 1 Chapter 11) By Richard Grove - 12 min

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol. 1 Chapter 12) By Richard Grove - 12 min

Understanding the "exponential factor" is essential for any understanding of reality today. This four-part presentation is a must-see.

The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See (videos; The EXPONENTIAL FACTOR - Parts 1-4)

Immigration cannot be fully understood without seeing these graphs and their explanation.

Immigration exponential growth demonstrated with Gumballs - 9 mins

Opposition to the current administration's agenda is GROWING.

02/28/2009 - St. Louis riverfront draws rally against Obama stimulus plan

What can one individual do? A great deal. Get involved. Find organizers in your area, such as Campaign for Liberty, TruthAttack, and more. There are lots of groups that will welcome you to the cause of Liberty. If you can't find one, email me and I'll give you a list of groups to look for or establish in your area.

Copyright March 2009
Fred Marshall Jr.
May be reproduced and
distributed in its entirety
only. All rights reserved.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Understanding THIS is ESSENTIAL! wrote:

Understanding the Federal Reserve is the foundation essential for understanding virtually EVERYTHING ELSE. Once it is understood that the people who own the Federal Reserve (the same ones who own the international Monetary Fund and World Bank) own and control about three-quarters of the wealth of the planet, then it is easier to understand that ALL POWER - - economic, political and military - - is owned and controlled directly or indirectly by the same people.

It's also easier to understand that they "select" and "anoint" ALL our presidents and heads of state worldwide - - and "eliminate" those who don't follow instructions - - in advance, and persuade us that WE dum bassed "useless eaters" (that's what they call us) "elected" them. People this wealthy wouldn't dream of permitting their financial futures to be adversely influenced by independent heads of state (who might, Heaven forbid, be tempted to look out for the people from whom the Fed is committed to eventually draining all the property and fruits of their labor). Ninety-five percent of the 545 people who appear to run the United States Government (President, Congress, and nine Supreme Court Justices) are tightly controlled by the owners of the Federal Reserve.

Those who mistakenly believe the propaganda that the BANKS are failing, simply have no clue what is taking place. Here at the beginning of 2009, we stand on the threshold of the greatest mass transfer of property and wealth since this system was put into place in 1913, greater than that which transpired during the period from 1929 to 1939 (Great Depression) when banks took title to homes, farms and businesses all across the country, and sucked massive amounts of money right out of the public's pocketbooks. We're about to witness the final stages of the move to centralized one-world RULE (they'll call it "governance") under their absolute control.

Some have heard this delivery before, but it never hurts to hear it again. I've listened to it at least half a dozen times. It's probably the most awesome (fear-filled) and best-documented presentation you'll likely hear this year for a long time to come.

The Creature from Jekyll Island - A Second Look at the Federal Reserve - 1 hr 11 min

"How many steps down the basement stairs must we take before we realize they lead to the basement?" - Fred Marshall Jr.
"One can never see that at which he refuses to look." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"Your 'opinion' that it isn't raining won't keep you dry if it IS raining." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"The last half of 2008 was a dry run, a practice rehearsal for the real thing coming in 2009. Be prepared." - Fred Marshall Jr. (Jan 3, 2009)
"The most successful attempt at self-governance in history - - a representative republic - - embarked upon the road to its failure in 1861 and arrived there in 1913." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"If man's God-given right to the fruits of his labor are taken away, he is transformed from a free man to a slave." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"People are like canaries. If they are born in the forest, they experience freedom but take it for granted rather than cherishing it or doing anything to preserve and protect it. If they are captured and put in a cage, they will only then come to realize the value of freedom and will always long for a return to the forest. But if they are born in a cage, they don't know the forest exists and won't understand freedom, even when someone who understands it describes it to them. After two generations are born in cages, the very concept of freedom is all but lost." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"Throughout my adulthood I have been willing to lay down my life in defense of my country, its Constitution and its people; but I shall never risk a single hair on my head to defend or protect corrupt, criminal government or corporate enterprises." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"We the people unwillingly surrender, at virtual gunpoint, approximately half of the fruits of our labor so government can take care of those among us who cannot - - or will not - - provide for themselves, and so that politicians we didn't vote for can use our money to buy more votes next election from voters on whom they spent our money." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"Few people realize the nation is being herded into regional corrals of psychological and economic bondage in which the ever-tightening fences and ankle-chains are invisible." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"Legislation: If it's needed by the people, is logical and Constitutional, but doesn't put money into the pockets of legislators or their friends - - or won't put citizens in jail - - then it hasn't a prayer of passing." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"Authorities abhor independent-thinking citizens and armed citizens." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"All the lawyers who give a rat sass about justice....are dead. Ditto for legislators. Double ditto for judges." - Fred Marshall Jr.
" 'Honesty' is to 'judges' as 'virginity' is to 'prostitutes' - Fred Marshall Jr.
"We're all in this together and we're losing because we paid no attention while 'they' very effectively used stealth and incrementalism to dumb our people so far down they are now beyond salvaging." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"The handful of mega-rich families who control the world's major governments, from behind the scenes, have long known what they are doing, how they must do it, and why. They must insure their wealth keeps growing (what), they must keep the peasants sufficiently fooled to keep producing profits for them (how), they do it for the future generations of their families, and they do it to preserve and enhance their own legacies (why)." - Fred Marshall Jr.
While driving 16 blocks to the main post office, a man sees a traffic slowdown ahead and opts for a side-street route to avoid it. On one block he glances to his right just in time to see his wife emerging from a house he recognizes as belonging to one of his male co-workers. The wife seems in a hurry and is straightening her clothing. This, Dear Hearts, is a coincidence. That bomb-sniffing dogs were removed from the World Trade Center Twin Towers five days before 9-11 is no coincidence. That a president stacks his staff and cabinet with members of the Council and Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group is neither coincidence nor accident." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"Asking the government to investigate - - to appoint a "special prosecutor" or establish a commission - - is like asking Al Capone or John Gotti to investigate the Mafia. Insiders are always appointed and given the mission to validate the official propaganda and cover up the truth." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"The reason history repeats itself is because the people don't learn from history. The reason they don't learn from history is because they don't learn history in the first place, so they don't see what is happening when history begins to repeat itself." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"The most incompetent and inefficient charity in the world is government." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"I'm not anti-government; I'm anti-BAD government and anti-CORRUPT government….and I shall always be." - Fred Marshall Jr.
"Politicians and governments pursue strategies and policies they believe will keep them in power, and they adopt techniques designed to perpetually increase their power over the people. By definition, then, they must continually work against the best interests of the people, to weaken the voice of the people and to reduce the people's influence. Should they do anything that could possibly strengthen the voice of the people, it would necessarily diminish their own power. In plain words, we mistakenly believe we "elect" people to represent us and look out for our best interests when, in fact, we willingly send people to legislatures without acknowledging that their very survival depends upon their intentionally screwing us every single day they serve. Can this be yet another definition of insanity?" - Fred Marshall Jr.
"The difference between the Russian Press and the American Press is that the Russian Press, the Russian Government and the Russian PEOPLE all readily acknowledge that the press is tightly controlled by the government - - and Americans ignorantly deny it." - Fred Marshall Jr.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reading the Signs Worse Than Expected

by Fred Marshall Jr.
November 21, 2008

It's a good bet that 30% of the articles I've written over the past 10-12 years are lost for all time because I haven't been diligent in archiving them or even always keeping master copies. I write when something prompts me to write, or I feel a need to inform others of something I suspect the majority doesn't know, or I get an idea I think's worth sharing. So, when I refer to something I've said earlier, I do it from memory, not from going back and finding when and where I previously stated something.

That said, I recall that several months back the signs led me to suggest the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) would likely fall as low as 7,000. Many laughed. The term "conspiracy theorist" was bandied about. The signs now lead me to project the DJIA may well drop to 6,000 before spring, maybe even before Christmas. Things are going to hell in a battered hand basket faster than I had expected, frankly faster than even most of the so-called experts have predicted. But I don't see any way to prevent such a fall. So many aspects of the economy are so intricately interwoven that when one thing falls it knocks down three or four or more other nearby or related things. It's almost like an elephant in a china store.

When new housing starts slow significantly, no one can expect carpet or paint sales to pick up. When a national chain closes 50 stores and scrubs 5,000 jobs, the unemployment rate doesn't go down, it goes up. So, what happens when a large number of the national brands that are household words go belly-up....when the leading auto makers are losing their hineys....when banks long thought to be rock-solid are dropping like flies.... when the companies which are staying afloat have their phones answered in New Delhi, India, because they aren't employing many Americans....when stocks worth $100,000 a year ago are worth $5,000 today....when defaults on auto loans are up 40%....when twice as many home mortgages are 90 days past due as at this time a year ago....when the public learns the $700 billion in bailout money isn't going to be used for the purposes its promoters promised it would....when consumer and investor confidence is in the toilet....when word spreads that a new presumed president-elect may not even be a natural-born citizen (and thus not ELIGIBLE to run, let alone serve)....when that same presumed president-elect has promised sweeping changes, yet is progressively announcing appointments of some of the very people who were up to their ears participating heavily in creating the financial crisis we face....when people can hardly find anything positive to talk about? I'll tell you what happens, the stock market TANKS. Start getting used to seeing numbers beginning with sevens and then sixes.

If you don't already have your money out of banking institutions now, you don't have many days left to get it out, and may not even be able to get it out Monday. U.S. minted gold coin (purity known) is hard to come by now, though some quantities can still be purchased directly from the mint. The urgent thing right now is to have access to your MONEY. The dollar shouldn't totally collapse for a while yet.

Eighteen months ago I advised a lady my age to get completely out of the stock market, but she insisted she was in for the long haul, her retirement security was spread in "diversified" stocks she said. Today, her million dollars are worth less than two hundred grand, and she's still holding on. She'll be lucky to cash in $50,000 when she musters the courage to cut her losses. At her age, she may end up on welfare.

People don't look, they don't observe, they think "it can't happen here," and even when they see they don't comprehend. It's really disheartening to see the stubbornness in people who are really smart enough to know better. Everything that doesn't fit the molds they've had created in their minds by our miserably-failed education system, they quickly label as "conspiracy theories" and dismiss conspicuous truth out of hand.

The Germans kept meticulously-detailed records of everything way back in the 1930s, and yet today technology permits, even encourages, the permanent keeping of even the minutest of seemingly unimportant information. Everything that moves, besides us, has a radio-frequency identification chip in it, everything from shavers to riding lawn mowers and everything in between. Everything we buy at WalMart, and most other places, has the tracking chip embedded in it. It won't be long before we'll have them in our bodies. The mechanisms to track and control everything are all in place, and soon there will be no privacy at all in this country.

What people fail to realize is that when all the foreclosures on homes, farms and businesses occurred during the Great Depression, the titles to all that property ended up in the hands of the bankers. They had financed them all with "money" they created out of thin air, with NOTHING, and then in exchange for nothing, they suddenly owned millions of acres of land and countless homes, buildings, equipment, etc., which they eventually sold again. The same thing is going on now. Despite pressure from the government upon lenders to give borrowers maximum leeway, foreclosures continue to mount, quietly shifting into the hands of banks. And who is being "bailed out" (read enriched) by the government with the people's money? You've got it, the BANKERS. The plan worked to perfection in the 1930's and it's working again, only this time it's on a far grander scale. It's called a "transfer of wealth." What it really is, is "serfdom."

Government's law enforcement agencies have equipment and technology most people would call "futuristic" or "science-fiction" because they cannot imagine that such stuff actually exists and might be used on the people. Take a look at some of these samples.

Long Range accuastical device

History & Future of Human Tracking


RFID in the real world

Ray Gun

It's just so frustrating to see all the things I see and to know how few Americans even have a clue what goes on in the world they inhabit. It's really frustrating. But, at my age, about all I can do is yell at the top of my lungs and hope for the best.

Copyright November 2008
Fred Marshall Jr.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama's attorneys seek protection from citizenship challenge

Press release on Philip Berg's lawsuit challenging Obama's citizenship. Berg claims Obama was borne in Kenya and has asked the court to order the production of documents. Instead of producing the documents that, if they exist, would end the lawsuit, Obama's defense (joined by the DNC) filed a motion to dismiss and then has asked the court to issue a protective order protecting them from having to comply with any production order. That tells its own story...the documents do not exist. Obama is not a United States Citizen. The media are doing their damnedest to suppress this story.

The media successfully helped John Kerry hide his bad conduct discharge from the Navy, the one he later had upgraded to honorable under Jimmy Carter's Amnesty program for the Vietnam era, and now they're trying to get a non-citizen fraudulently elected President. How many conspirators do you suppose it takes to pull these shenanigans off? What's next in this screwed-up world of confusion?


Obama Crimes - Website overlaps, but some things you can make out

Berg is "Outraged" that Obama & DNC Hide Again Behind Legal Issues as their attorney files a Motion for Protective Order to "not" Answer Admissions & Production of Documents while Betraying Public in not Producing Documents proving Obama is "qualified" to be a candidate for President.

It is believed Obama is an "illegal alien"