Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reading the Signs Worse Than Expected

by Fred Marshall Jr.
November 21, 2008

It's a good bet that 30% of the articles I've written over the past 10-12 years are lost for all time because I haven't been diligent in archiving them or even always keeping master copies. I write when something prompts me to write, or I feel a need to inform others of something I suspect the majority doesn't know, or I get an idea I think's worth sharing. So, when I refer to something I've said earlier, I do it from memory, not from going back and finding when and where I previously stated something.

That said, I recall that several months back the signs led me to suggest the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) would likely fall as low as 7,000. Many laughed. The term "conspiracy theorist" was bandied about. The signs now lead me to project the DJIA may well drop to 6,000 before spring, maybe even before Christmas. Things are going to hell in a battered hand basket faster than I had expected, frankly faster than even most of the so-called experts have predicted. But I don't see any way to prevent such a fall. So many aspects of the economy are so intricately interwoven that when one thing falls it knocks down three or four or more other nearby or related things. It's almost like an elephant in a china store.

When new housing starts slow significantly, no one can expect carpet or paint sales to pick up. When a national chain closes 50 stores and scrubs 5,000 jobs, the unemployment rate doesn't go down, it goes up. So, what happens when a large number of the national brands that are household words go belly-up....when the leading auto makers are losing their hineys....when banks long thought to be rock-solid are dropping like flies.... when the companies which are staying afloat have their phones answered in New Delhi, India, because they aren't employing many Americans....when stocks worth $100,000 a year ago are worth $5,000 today....when defaults on auto loans are up 40%....when twice as many home mortgages are 90 days past due as at this time a year ago....when the public learns the $700 billion in bailout money isn't going to be used for the purposes its promoters promised it would....when consumer and investor confidence is in the toilet....when word spreads that a new presumed president-elect may not even be a natural-born citizen (and thus not ELIGIBLE to run, let alone serve)....when that same presumed president-elect has promised sweeping changes, yet is progressively announcing appointments of some of the very people who were up to their ears participating heavily in creating the financial crisis we face....when people can hardly find anything positive to talk about? I'll tell you what happens, the stock market TANKS. Start getting used to seeing numbers beginning with sevens and then sixes.

If you don't already have your money out of banking institutions now, you don't have many days left to get it out, and may not even be able to get it out Monday. U.S. minted gold coin (purity known) is hard to come by now, though some quantities can still be purchased directly from the mint. The urgent thing right now is to have access to your MONEY. The dollar shouldn't totally collapse for a while yet.

Eighteen months ago I advised a lady my age to get completely out of the stock market, but she insisted she was in for the long haul, her retirement security was spread in "diversified" stocks she said. Today, her million dollars are worth less than two hundred grand, and she's still holding on. She'll be lucky to cash in $50,000 when she musters the courage to cut her losses. At her age, she may end up on welfare.

People don't look, they don't observe, they think "it can't happen here," and even when they see they don't comprehend. It's really disheartening to see the stubbornness in people who are really smart enough to know better. Everything that doesn't fit the molds they've had created in their minds by our miserably-failed education system, they quickly label as "conspiracy theories" and dismiss conspicuous truth out of hand.

The Germans kept meticulously-detailed records of everything way back in the 1930s, and yet today technology permits, even encourages, the permanent keeping of even the minutest of seemingly unimportant information. Everything that moves, besides us, has a radio-frequency identification chip in it, everything from shavers to riding lawn mowers and everything in between. Everything we buy at WalMart, and most other places, has the tracking chip embedded in it. It won't be long before we'll have them in our bodies. The mechanisms to track and control everything are all in place, and soon there will be no privacy at all in this country.

What people fail to realize is that when all the foreclosures on homes, farms and businesses occurred during the Great Depression, the titles to all that property ended up in the hands of the bankers. They had financed them all with "money" they created out of thin air, with NOTHING, and then in exchange for nothing, they suddenly owned millions of acres of land and countless homes, buildings, equipment, etc., which they eventually sold again. The same thing is going on now. Despite pressure from the government upon lenders to give borrowers maximum leeway, foreclosures continue to mount, quietly shifting into the hands of banks. And who is being "bailed out" (read enriched) by the government with the people's money? You've got it, the BANKERS. The plan worked to perfection in the 1930's and it's working again, only this time it's on a far grander scale. It's called a "transfer of wealth." What it really is, is "serfdom."

Government's law enforcement agencies have equipment and technology most people would call "futuristic" or "science-fiction" because they cannot imagine that such stuff actually exists and might be used on the people. Take a look at some of these samples.

Long Range accuastical device

History & Future of Human Tracking


RFID in the real world

Ray Gun

It's just so frustrating to see all the things I see and to know how few Americans even have a clue what goes on in the world they inhabit. It's really frustrating. But, at my age, about all I can do is yell at the top of my lungs and hope for the best.

Copyright November 2008
Fred Marshall Jr.

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