Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama's attorneys seek protection from citizenship challenge

Press release on Philip Berg's lawsuit challenging Obama's citizenship. Berg claims Obama was borne in Kenya and has asked the court to order the production of documents. Instead of producing the documents that, if they exist, would end the lawsuit, Obama's defense (joined by the DNC) filed a motion to dismiss and then has asked the court to issue a protective order protecting them from having to comply with any production order. That tells its own story...the documents do not exist. Obama is not a United States Citizen. The media are doing their damnedest to suppress this story.

The media successfully helped John Kerry hide his bad conduct discharge from the Navy, the one he later had upgraded to honorable under Jimmy Carter's Amnesty program for the Vietnam era, and now they're trying to get a non-citizen fraudulently elected President. How many conspirators do you suppose it takes to pull these shenanigans off? What's next in this screwed-up world of confusion?


Obama Crimes - Website overlaps, but some things you can make out

Berg is "Outraged" that Obama & DNC Hide Again Behind Legal Issues as their attorney files a Motion for Protective Order to "not" Answer Admissions & Production of Documents while Betraying Public in not Producing Documents proving Obama is "qualified" to be a candidate for President.

It is believed Obama is an "illegal alien"

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