Wednesday, October 8, 2008

To all who may be interested - Berg's Obama suit

From: Fred Marshall: (fredmarshall dot csm dot ret at gmail dot com)

To all who may be interested:

There has been a flury of internet reports that a judge in ED PA ordered Obama to produce his birth certificate. This is not true. I checked the docket sheet and the current status of the case is that Berg filed an opposition to the DNC Motion to Dismiss and also filed a motion to admend his complaint. Neither the motion to dismiss nor the motion to amend has been ruled upon as of today. Thus, there is no order.

But today, 10/7/2008, an intervenor filed a motion to intervene and petition for a mandamus. The intervenor has a concurrent case in DC. I have downloaded the intervenor's filing and attached it here for your purusal. If any of the allegations contained in the intervenor's filing is true, we are heading towards a major constitutional problem with Obama.


Click here for the PDF file on this case.

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