Friday, April 24, 2009

Preparing Federal Police Forces for Martial Law

by Fred Marshall Jr.
April 24, 2009

Most people don't know what FEMA is. Most of those who DO know that it stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency, mistakenly believe it is a federal agency whose mission is to assist local communities hit by natural disasters (floods, tornadoes, forest fires, etc.). That IS the purpose for which it was originally established. But it was reorganized in 1991 for other purposes entirely. Since reorganization, 7% of its budget has been dedicated for those original functions. The remaining 93% is used for activities related to law enforcement and population control. And its total funding from Congress has mushroomed into one more out-of-control agency. Its performance in New Orleans during Katrina ought to let people know where its resources are NOT concentrated.

What it boils down to is that FEMA is intended to become a federal police force that can take over all the police functions of municipalities, counties and states and control all law enforcement activities for the entire nation when a president declares a national emergency. Over the 18 years since the reorganization, FEMA has been providing grants and subsidies to municipalities, counties and states to train and equip all forces up to military standards. Tiny jurisdictions now have armored vehicles, flamethrowers, and all sorts of equipment that wouldn't be expected - - by any prudent mind - - to be needed in a thousand years. But, like has happened over time with the public schools, the federal government has used the insatiable human appetite for money to seduce nearly every jurisdiction in the country to accept their funding and, along with it, the strings of control grants and subsidies carry with them.

To the schools they say "You can have the money, but you'll have to teach this, and you cannot teach that." With law enforcement, it's "You can have the money, but you will have to let us come in and train your officers, and you'll have to become proficient in this and this and this."

What they have done over these past two decades, in effect, is to militarize all law enforcement so that transitioning into a federal force can be pulled off with very little difficulty. Jurisdictions have gradually morphed from organizations that used to "protect and serve" to jackgooted thug units that employ "shock and awe" to subordinate the public and condition them for martial law.

Many readers have seen the videos and still photos of the storage facilities where hundreds of thousands of huge, durable plastic "casket liners" (each capable of holding three to five human bodies, depending upon individual body size) are maintained at the ready. Many know, or at least have heard of, the dozens of concentration camp facilities either in existence or under construction across the fruited plain. It appears that planners are preparing to incarcerate about 10% of the population and bury at least another 25%. These plans, Dear Hearts, are a bit more than the mere "contingency plans" they are being represented as to local authorities. Cloth "Federal Police" shoulder patches have already been manufactured sufficient to outfit all law enforcement personnel (both enforcement and administrative) in the nation. There have been reports of uniforms of all sizes having been already manufactured and stored as well.

Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most countries in Europe already have federal police forces. In the United States, there are more than 70 federal agencies with law enforcement authorities granted by Congress. The average educated American might be able to name five or six, such as FBI, DEA, BATFE, EPA, CIA, NSA, etc., but few can name a dozen. There exist numerous agencies most Americans have never heard even mentioned.

The ballooning federal criminal code, draconian mandatory sentences, and rigorous law enforcement tactics - - deploying overwhelming force to "subdue" people who pose little or no threat - - and ever-growing instances of asserting federal "power" into jurisdictions that are Constitutionally exclusive to the states (Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC) are but a few of the indicatons of what lies ahead.

As I and many others have been warning for years, the vast majority of Americans won't believe there are black helicopters until one lands in their front yard. Then it will be too late. I have seen them. Many people have videotaped them conducting mock exercises in and around cities and townships all across the country. Alex Jones ( and others have documented their widespread use in military and paramilitary exercises. The long-running television series "COPS" has gradually conditioned the viewing public to accept as normal all the earmarks of a police state. Yet the American people persist in yawning and changing the channel.

If all this sounds like a wild conspiracy theory, listen to this sheriff in a county near Chicago. Does he sound like a conspiracy nut to you? Or does he sound like a real live citizen sheriff who is concerned about what he sees going on right under our noses? Notice the context in which he says "but the law says you have to be involved in this." What most sheriffs don't know is that they have more Constitutional authority than the federal government has. Sadly, most sheriffs are political puppets.

Planning for martial law?

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