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Preponderance of the Evidence

by Fred Marshall Jr.
April 4, 2009

It's a safe bet that at least 20% of Americans are familiar with the fundamental standards courts instruct juries to apply in deciding guilt: (1) beyond all reasonable doubt for crimes and (2) based upon the preponderance of the evidence in civil cases.

"Two percent of the people THINK. Three percent THINK they think. Ninety-five percent would rather SLEEP than think." - Henry Ford

Well, maybe 20% IS a bit high. In any event, I shall presume that 100% of those who read my essays, treatises, allocutions, studies, surveys, assessments, and assertions understand the two standards.

“Conspiracy Theorists” Not So Crazy After All - 4 min

This series will address various subjects by first asserting self-evident hypotheses and then listing items of evidence sufficient to, in my opinion, embody the "preponderance" of available evidence necessary to solidly buttress the beginning hypothesis for each. I shall begin in this opening installment with the first of several subject areas, progress through the list as time permits, and reserve the latitude to add others as they come to mind. The core beginning list includes the following:

Part One: Obama - Hypothesis: Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetero, aka Barack Soetero, aka Barack Dunham, aka Barry Dunham, is a foreigner, is not "natural-born" in the United States, is not eligible to run for, or serve as, President of the United States, is a fraud, is a fake, is a pretender, is an imposter, is a parvenu, and is a usurper.

Part Two: Income tax - Hypothesis: The U.S. Individual Income Tax, as it has been criminally mis-administered for the past 50-plus years, is the most massive financial fraud and transfer of wealth in the history of the world, and amounts to unbridled armed extortion.

Part Three: U.S. Government - Hypothesis: All three branches of the United States Government - - Democratic and Republican alike - - are "infandous" (too disgusting to be adequately expressed using known words).

Part Four: The Federal Reserve - Hypothesis: The Federal Reserve is not an entity of the United States Government but, rather, is a private cartel of international bankers determined to subordinate all countries to a single one-world government under THEIR "omnipotent" rule. The owners of the privately-owned, for-profit cartel of international bankers comprise the center of operations for the world, around which all else revolves.

Part 5ive: The Prime Targets of Governments - Hypothesis: The main targets (enemies) of all governments are, necessarily, the people they seek to "govern" (rule, subjugate).

Part 6ix: Mainstream Media - Hypothesis: The American mainstream media - - which include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, movies, the music industry, school textbooks, publishing houses, a rapidly-growing chunk of the Internet, virtually everything we read, see, hear and "learn" - - are owned and controlled by only six men, all of whom collaborate to operate the greatest propaganda machine ever known to mankind. These six men are puppets of the Federal Reserve owners (international banking cartel) and comprise what is known, among insiders, as "The Fourth Estate" (of government).

Part Seven: September 11, 2001 - Hypothesis: Almost no part of the wild story the government and the media told the world about the events of September 11, 2001, is provably true. On the contrary, almost ALL of it is provably UNTRUE.

Part Eight: Militarizing Police Forces and the Emergence of the Police State - Hypothesis: For at least the past 15-plus years now, the federal government - - through FEMA and other federal agencies - - has been funding (via subsidies and outright grants) the militarization of local and state law enforcement agencies, including training, doctrine, and equipment, in blatant direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Part Nine: Contrails versus Chemtrails - Hypothesis: Contrails are visible as hot exhaust is cooled by the cold air at high altitudes. They are easy to recognize because they are only visible for a short while before they dissipate. They leave a tail behind the plane for some distance, but the end of the tail disappears at the same speed the plane travels, so that the tail appears to be the same length all the time. Chemtrails, on the other hand, are made from some sort of spray that is visible, and they can be seen stretching across the sky from horizon to horizon. They begin very narrow and compact, then gradually spread out as time goes by but linger on for hours and hours. Condensation simply does not do that.

Part Ten: A "Dumbed-down" Society - Hypothesis: For nearly 50 years the American society has been methodically and systematically "dumbed-down" by a combination of progressively-diminishing educational standards and expectations, in both public schools and most institutions of higher learning, and by use of propagandized indoctrinations that constantly bombard the human subconscious via deceptive advertising and centrally-coordinated television programming. The cabal of international banking families have been gradually developing a populace of docile, obedient workers who not only don't ask serious questions, they don't think beyond the bounds set for them by government schools and by television programming. The masses are relentlessly pelted with opinions and explanations, provided by news anchors, elected officials, and so-called "experts" hired by the networks, to the extent that the vast majority of people simply adopt and parrot views and opinions they have heard expressed over and over by "talking heads." It's so much easier than thinking for oneself, and it makes the duping of the masses into actually believing the ludicrous explanations - - of events they are spoon-fed - - a mere walk in the park.

Part Eleven: Controlling the World by Controlling Food and Water Supplies - Hypothesis: Monsanto, Arthur-Daniels-Midland, Dupont, and a couple of other mega-corporations will soon control more than 80% of the world's food and drinkable water supplies. Once that hurdle has been conquered, reducing world population will be a simple matter of starving selected cultures to death.

Part Twelve: Population Control via "Mandatory" Vaccinations and Fluoridation of Water - Hypothesis: The "men behind the curtain" have made great strides in these arenas, by fluoridating the bodies of people and poisoning them with mercury and other ingredients of vaccinations. In 1950, one in 10,000 children was afflicted by autism; today, it's one in 150. Countless scientists, doctors, and researchers have concluded that such anomalies have been caused by fluoride and mercury.


Hypothesis: Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetero, aka Barack Soetero, aka Barack Dunham, aka Barry Dunham, is a foreigner, is not "natural-born" in the United States, is not eligible to run for, or serve as, President of the United States, is a fraud, a fake, a pretender, an imposter, a usurper.

Indisputable assumptions: (1) This is one of the most egregious Constitutional crises of modern times, and (2) if AKA were, indeed, a natural born citizen, he would have presented a valid birth certificate when initially claiming eligibility to run for president, and would not have defied all attempts to denude his history.


1. Not only has AKA never presented a valid birth certificate for public inspection, he has steadfastly refused to produce one in the face of countless formal, informal, and legal requests and demands to do so. Additionally, he has posted a forged "copy" of an extract (that purports to be official) on his website to mislead the public. One Hawaiian official has claimed that a valid birth certificate is on file within the Hawaiian government, claims he has seen it, has examined it, and finds it to be authentic, but no one else is permitted to see it; that the world must take his word that it exists. Moreover, AKA has spent more than $1 million on legal fees to block all attempts to uncover any facts regarding his background. ABSOLUTELY UNPRECEDENTED!

2. Prior to announcing his candidacy for President, AKA took legal steps to seal most of his records from public view, citing personal privacy. Such records include all those accumulated by the various schools and colleges he claims to have attended - - both in the United States and abroad - - and virtually all records of his civilian, non-academic activities in and around Chicago. Similarly, he has had sealed all records relating to his medical history, both here and abroad, and has sealed official - - otherwise public - - records pertaining to him that may or may not be maintained by the governments of Kenya, Indonesia, Hawaii, the United States and elsewhere. UNPRECEDENTED!

3. In 1981, AKA traveled to Pakistan at a time when U.S. citizens were not allowed to enter that country. He traveled there on an Indonesian passport. Indonesians WERE permitted entry at that time. He attended Occidental College (Los Angeles) as a foreign exchange student from Indonesia. Whether or not he received financial assistance, and from what source(s), is not clear.


Supremes asked to cooperate with FBI in Obama probe

4. All 535 members of Congress know AKA is not a natural born citizen, and the key members of his staff and cabinet most certainly know. All nine justices of the Supreme Court know. Moreover, all the key mainstream media anchors and senior network officials know. Only the PEOPLE are kept in the dark.

5. Like Adolf Hitler, he has no allegiance to the country over which he now unlawfully "reigns". Hitler was born in Austria. He was not born into any allegiance to Germany, nor did he ever swear any oath of allegiance to Germany. Similarly, AKA was born in Kenya (East Africa), with no inherent natural allegiance to the United States. Moreover, he has not officially sworn any oath of allegiance to the United States at any time since (nor has he acquired naturalized citizenship). Everyone remembers that the oath at the January 20, 2009 "inauguration" was [deliberately] bungled and, even when the public was told that the oath was allegedly "re-administered" at the White House, the ceremony was (1) performed without a Bible and (2) was not recorded on film or videotape (therefore the "re-do" was no more valid than the inaugural). Such a colossal "blunder" - - not really a blunder, but instead was BY DESIGN - - was UNPRECEDENTED! Therefore, neither Hitler nor AKA (were) (are) (can be) subject to any charges of TREASON. One cannot be a traitor to a country in which he was not born nor to which he has never sworn any oath of allegiance.

6. Adolf Hitler was chosen by the international bankers to launch a World War and sustain it for a time, gradually diminishing the strengths of all participants. They extended credit to the countries involved in the war, deeply indebting them all to the central banks they owned. Like Adolf Hitler, AKA may well have been "chosen" by the "men behind the curtain" to lead the dismantling and destruction of the nation, financially, socially, morally, psychologically, and physically, which is the next logical step in the march to an all-powerful one-world government. UNPRECEDENTED!

7. A surprising number of people who could have provided fist-hand witness testimony regarding some of AKA's activities over the past 20 years guessed it....mysteriously and prematurely DEAD. With the possible exception of the deaths surrounding Bill Clinton, UNPRECEDENTED!

8. AKA's first official televised interview, after beginning his impersonation of a President of the United States, was with a FOREIGN Arab television station. UNPRECEDENTED!


9. So far, most of AKA's appointments of key staff and cabinet level officials have come from the ranks of the most corrupt individuals on the modern-day political scene. It appears he fully intends to move Chicago's "Republicans-need-not-apply" machine to Washington. UNPRECEDENTED!

10. During the campaign, and the run-up to the 2008 election, AKA refused to place his hand over his heart for the playing of the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. In all instances of both, he has refrained from singing the lyrics to the Anthem and from reciting the words of the Pledge. During a recent visit to Marine Base Camp LeJuene, AKA remained out of sight at his own welcoming ceremony until AFTER the National Anthem had been played. UNPRECEDENTED! These ARE NOT the acts of a patriotic Christian American, but the behavior of a devout NUSLIM.

Obama skips National Anthem at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

11. During the recent G-20 Summit, AKA greeted the King of Saudi Arabia with a full bow from the waist, a move one commentator described as a violation of protocol and not worthy of the office he holds. UNPRECEDENTED!

Obama bows to Saudi king - video

12. AKA has ramrodded legislation through which shifts massive amounts of wealth from the American middle class to the International Banking Cartel. UNPRECEDENTED! Large chunks of the "funny-money" went to trust accounts to be held and spent on the 2010 elections to support candidates of AKA's choosing. Another large chunk went to an organization AKA formed several years ago (ACORN), one which has been for some time now under federal and state investigations for election fraud and vote-rigging in the 2008 and earlier elections.

13. AKA has ordered the release of several Muslims previously held as known or suspected terrorists, with all charges withdrawn. UNPRECEDENTED!

14. AKA has directed and facilitated the formation of numerous "Youth Brigades" - - shades of "Hitler Youth" - - many which were formed, indoctrinated, and operational long BEFORE the November, 2008, election. UNPRECEDENTED!

CONCLUSION: There can be no remotely reasonable claim that AKA is a natural-born citizen of the United States. There can be no claim that he has any loyalty to the United States. There can be no question that his loyalties to Islam and Africa (the "mother continent") are paramount, and that his loathe for the United States has been repeatedly demonstrated. He most definitely is not a U.S. citizen, either born or naturalized. AKA is preparing the sabotaging and total collapse of the economy, the currency, and the United States of America itself. His role in transitioning the United States into a nation state of a supreme one-world government has been assigned to him, and he is pursuing it with all deliberate speed.

PART TWO - (Not yet written, but coming soon)

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Fred Marshall Jr.
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