Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What will happen?

Someone emailed me and asked me what to expect over the coming couple of months. Here was my initial response and follow-on.

Prices will skyrocket, partially because the market will be flooded with the new worthless money and partially because of the fear an uncertain future engenders, gasoline will be rationed, checkpoints will be everywhere, you'll be asked where you are going and why, and you'll be manhandled if you even hesitate with your answers.

Shelves in stores will be stripped bare overnight. People will be siphoning gasoline from your cars, breaking into them and taking everything of value. Stores will raise prices on their own to try and accumulate as much cash as possible for themselves before the final collapse comes.

Drug addicts will break into pharmacies when their supply sources dry up or their source of money dries up, and that will lead to muggings, home burglaries, killings, etc. People who cannot get their legitimate prescription medications will suffer and some will die (heart medications, etc.).

Women will be raped left and right. Crime will be so rampant the law enforcement agencies won't be able to make a dent in it. Some officers will throw their hands up while others will shoot first and ask questions later. Others won't show up for work but will stay home to protect their own families.

Military forces, both ours and foreign forces, will be used to confiscate registered firearms and some will be shot by citizens who resist, opening the door for "shoot on sight" orders being given to them, and that's when martial law will be declared, if not before.

And that's just the surface things to expect. Martial law will be the first major government move and gradually everything will be controlled by and rationed by the government. Once martial law has re-established order, there'll be massive installing of in-body micro-chip insertions, "for our protection," and master computers will track everything we do. People will welcome the chips believing they will be safer. It's amazing what people will accept in exchange for promised safety.

1984 is in sight.

Neighborhoods will have to organize and provide their own protection from roaming gangs and government agencies determined to disarm and control the people. 24/7 patrols by armed community members will be essential. Self defense and survival will be the order of the day. If you can defend your own family, then that's the best approach. If you can't stay awake around the clock and don't have relatives to trade off with, then it'll be necessary to team up with one or two other families and provide for common defense. Try to select a family or families who are prepared and have plenty of food and firearms and ammunition on hand. If you have to partner up with a family you must arm and feed, then you diminish your own ability to survive.


How will things differ from 1929?

Lots of differences between now and 1929. People didn't owe much back then. Credit wasn't as prevalent, most people waited till they saved up and could buy what they wanted with cash. There were hardly any drug addicts. People were simpler and had been taught from birth the importance of working for what they wanted. They were taught to have a conscience and right versus wrong was an ingrained standard with nearly everyone. So the crime back then was manageable, but it won't be this time. Lots of people today have been taught that right and wrong don't matter, what they WANT does matter. Too many nowadays feel "entitled" to certain things and if they don't get them legally, they'll take them by force.

Plus there were about 80 million people back then, most living in rural areas. Now there are 300-plus million and they are mostly concentrated in metropolitan areas and smaller cities. People back then owned property and could raise their own crops, so starving wasn't nearly the threat it is now. People today don't know how to change a tire, let alone till the ground and plant and cultivate seeds.

Back then it was possible to hunt rabbits and squirrels and wild geese and deer for food. Now, with the numbers of people, after a week there will be no rabbits, deer, etc., they will have all been killed for food. The endangered species crowd will go ape-shit. They'd rather see people die than rabbits. They'll change their tune when they get hungry enough.

Many people who have prepared will survive, but many will starve. That's the way governments have thinned out populations throughout history. Stalin starved 20 million. Don't think this hasn't been well planned for years by the elite who seek to rule us all with their iron fist. People who have plenty of basic staples such as flour, rice, pasta, olive or other cooking oil, etc., won't go hungry but millions who haven't paid attention will starve. But before they starve, many will kill in their attempts to survive. Anyone who isn't ready to deal with that won't make it.


P.S. I'll do another installment in a couple of days when I get a few last minute details handled for my own family.

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